Dan McGlade writes music that entertains, amuses, scares and excites people. And sometimes makes them cry. In short, his music tells the best stories”


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Whether it's an acoustic ballad about stolen love, 
an orchestral theme for escaping a nameless horror,
a pop anthem devised together in a workshop,
or a rock musical set in the Victorian underworld, I've written music and lyrics that put the listener at the heart of the narrative, making that story as vivid, compelling and moving as you could wish for. 

Have a look through the site and see what I can do for you.  Or get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you.

Latest News

Live shows, stories, gear, behind-the-scenes stuff.  Basically if I don’t think it’ll bore you to tears, I'll put it here...

About Me

“Dan creates smart, emotive music that creeps under the skin and remains there, long after the first hearing.”

Tom Ingall, BBC

From songwriting to film scoring, from music for theatre to workshops for schools, I have nearly thirty years’ experience making music.

I’ve delivered Music for Media lectures at the University of Bradford and I’m writing the music for HUMBUG, a suite of online films, created by Wrongsemble Theatre Company.


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