“This music is, indeed, theatrical and exciting. It is clear that Dan McGlade grew up in a musical landscape where melodic interest and sturdy chord progressions counted for something.”

Paul Graham Brown, Musical Theatre Composer and Author

My name is Dan McGlade.  Based in Shipley, West Yorkshire, I've composed, devised, recorded and performed music for over twenty years - for theatre, film, bands, schools, universities and community groups.

Most recently, I ran a district-wide online community music course funded by Bradford Council’s Covid Response Fund, and have just finished producing the music for 'The Not So Ugly Sisters', a Leeds Playhouse, Red Ladder and Wrongsemble co-production. In June 2020, I also wrote and recorded the Leaver's Songs for two local primary schools.

I'm currently writing the theme and incidental music for Wrongsemble's latest project, a suite of short films called HUMBUG, set for release in December 2020.

I love drawing upon parallel passions for theatre and literature, creating music that conjures unique narratives, themes and settings.

Studying English Literature at the University of Leeds’ Bretton Hall College, I spent a large amount time haunting the Schools of Music and Drama.  My final degree reflected this rather cruelly, but you can't have everything.

Performing in plays, musicals, making films, recording as a session musician, and even playing in an improvisational jazz orchestra, cemented my appreciation of the value of cross-media and cross-genre experience.  It also meant that after graduation, I was able to join an actors’ co-operative, touring the UK with composer/director Paul Graham Brown in his new musical, The Porridge Opera.

From that time to the present day, I've written and performed music, from supporting Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, to writing the music, lyrics and book for a rock musical, 'Pout and About', selling out a five night run at the Theatre in the Mill, West Yorkshire.  I also wrote and performed the closing number for the 2010 film 'The Big I Am', starring Michael Madsen and Steven Berkoff.

And I still love playing live.  I play solo these days, using pedals, loops and triggered samples to add an unashamed slice of theatre to an otherwise acoustic performance.  I last performed in person at the Water Rats, Kings Cross and the Gaslight Club, Leeds, and online at VHepFest.

Alongside commissioned work and live (albeit online) performance, I'm developing a live performance piece, ‘Darcy Filthound’ - a morally questionable tale set in 19th Century London, in a musical style best (or perhaps indulgently) described as ‘Victorian Sleaze-Rock’.   And when I'm not doing that, I play and sing in an Alt-Country/Americana band called Poison & Wine

For more information, or for a chat about any of your musical needs, please don't hesitate to email me at, or call me on +44 (0) 7976 411893.

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