I’m so chuffed to be writing the theme music for Wrongsemble’s new production, HUMBUG

HUMBUG is a set of short online films, set at Christmas, that create a narrative which families can watch from home.  The script is…

Back to the Nineties

Look at this bad boy.  My latest studio kit is probably the oldest.

What, oh what, is he thinking?!, I hear you scream. 

Well, while super clear, high quality monitoring is essential, some of the best sound engineers keep an…


Today I'm embarrassingly over-excited to introduce my new studio speakers, or Near-Field Monitors, if I'm going to report this properly.

After an all too typical flurry of obsessive research, I decided upon a pair of Yamaha HS5s.  I chose…

This is Our Leaver's Song

It’s great to be working with Year Six pupils at St Columba’s and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Schools, Bradford, on their School Leaver’s Songs. 

Local Drama Teacher and Writer Sian Willams and I have been meeting with small Year Six…

Viral Music!

I'm delighted to report that my application for funding for a new project, Viral Music, has been successful.

Viral Music is an online community music and writing project, where participants of any age and ability can work together…

New Website!

Welcome to the new website!  I hope you like it.  This wouldn't have been possible without the continued patience and support of my partner Cat, and the exquisite photography of Laura Adams, whose wonderful work (along with the kind…

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